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High Power Ultrasonic Cleaners

Key Specifications

Explore our key specifications for a comprehensive understanding of our product's features and capabilities.

ACM-500N EASY-170L
Features FOE(Floating Oil Extraction), ARF(Acoustic Reduction Filter), LFS(Laminar Flow System) LFS(Laminar Flow System)
Warranty 2 years 1 year
Main tank internal dimensions 1200 x 670 x 730 mm (587 lt) 700 x 510 x 475 mm (174 liters)
External Dimensions with Top Lid Open / Weight 2010 x 1220 x 1812 mm / 675 kg 1120 x 870 x 1450 mm
Ultrasonic Actual Power 4000 W (4 sets) Synchronized Generators 1000 W (1 set) Generator
Elevator for agitation with platform lift Pneumatic, max load 350 kg Pneumatic, max load 50 kg
Heating System 11 kW Ceramic Heaters into protective stainless-steel housing 3,75 kW stainless-steel heaters
Insulated Top Lid Automatic (pneumatic) 30 mm thermal & acoustic insulation Simple top lid from stainless steel
Optional Devices Available Filtering / Automatic Water Refill /Hybrid Heating / Small parts basket /Steam Extraction / Automatic Top Lid Opening / Hands Free Operation Pedal Insulated Top Lid / Stainless Steel Reusable Filtering / Automatic Evaporated Water Refill / Small parts basket / Dosing system for liquid detergent / Ethernet Delta module
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With our technology, our green label, and low detergent consumption, you will experience annual savings in operating costs of up to €100,000 over the lifetime of the machine. This is equivalent to three times the cost of the equipment.

Our equipment, 50% more powerful than competitors, requires less active ultrasonic time, leading to significantly reduced detergent consumption.

50mm thermal and acoustic insulation, even in the lid (20mm)

Real-time electricity consumption monitoring via the touch screen for each cycle.

Eco Mode for low consumption during night hours.

Programmable weekly timer for equipment readiness at any time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Our technology offers annual savings of up to €100,000 over the machine's lifespan, equivalent to three times the equipment cost.
Our equipment includes 50mm thermal and acoustic insulation, real-time electricity consumption monitoring, an Eco Mode for low consumption at night, and a programmable weekly timer.
Consumption for each cycle (Ultrasonic, Heating, Oil Separator, Standby Mode) can be monitored via the touch screen in kWh and €.
Please refer to our product documentation for specific warranty details, as it may vary based on the model and region.
Our green label, low detergent consumption, and 50% higher power efficiency set our technology apart, ensuring cost savings and superior performance.
Yes, our equipment features a programmable weekly timer, allowing you to set it to start at any desired time for optimal readiness.
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